GUL recommend that Wavemaker and QSR instruments are serviced calibrated on a regular basis.

GUL service and re-calibrate Wavemaker® and QSR systems after a thorough and complete inspection, making this much more than just a recalibration. Minor repairs are included in the service charge; any major repairs are only carried out after authorisation by the owner. All firmware and software updates are included. The inspection covers: all internal batteries, all connectors and relays; a full diagnostics test sequence covering all mounted boards; the front panel keypad and screen, GPS, internal metalwork and case and iButton reader port are checked; the comms, USB, wireless and LAN (when present) are also checked and upgraded if applicable. Batteries can also be replaced at the same time on request. The final step of the calibration includes a series of GWT scans on the GUL reference pipe sample(s) which are recorded (for comparison with pre-delivery test data and other systems). These tests allow us to provide an updated certificate of calibration.

The current recommended calibration and service intervals are as follows.

  • QSR, axial and circumferential units – 12 months
  • Wavemaker G3 instrument – 12 months
  • Wavemaker G4 instrument – 36 months
  • Wavemaker G4m instrument – 36 months
  • Wavemaker G4m gPIMS collector – 36 months

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