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Scanning Studio

This cloud-based web app automatically analyzes scanning data using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The algorithms were trained on several millions of data points and represent the state-of-the-art technical capability in this field. Scanning Studio automatically generates report documents in Excel and PDF formats, together with graphs and photographs taken by the NDT inspectors during scanning activities.



Upload and Analyse

Upload your QS1 files by dragging files or selecting from file explorer. Files will be automatically analysed and results can be downloaded and viewed; all within minutes.

File Manager

All your uploaded files can be found in one place, with information about their collection dates and QSR ID. Find your scans easily by searched for them by their scan number.

Report Generator

Generate customisable QSR scanning reports in Excel or PDF formats; photos can be uploaded and comments added to these reports.

Account Information

The hard disk storage space and number of QSR1 scans analysed are clearly displayed for ease of management of your Scanning Studio account.

Request a login to our Scanning Studio and try it out yourself.

Service packages

The Scanning Studio is available in three service packages with increasing functionality:


a pay as you go style package suitable for infrequent and few QSR inspections. Pay only for the files you want processed, whenever you need it.


an annual subscription suitable for regular QSR inspection work.


an annual subscription suitable for frequent QSR inspection work.

Data management, validation and visualisation

Upload (unlimited)1

Storage and backup (unlimited)


Web-based access to data management interface

PC-based access to data management interface

Data Validation1

Data analytics

Circumferential sensor data

    Circumferential and axial sensor data

    Corrosion profile

    Wall thickness values

    Data quality validation1

    Re-analysis of historical results (from unit within calibration)

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