As with all new and evolving inspection methods, good training of guided wave inspectors forms a critical part of the development of the technology. Experienced, skilled inspectors can make a significant difference in the reliability of the results that are obtained, especially in situations when any indicated defective areas cannot be measured by complementary methods. Therefore, Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL) has always been fully committed to developing and improving quality training modules that allow inspectors to learn as effectively as possible. We offer both classroom and on-site training, for both simple and complex applications. GUL has trained over 2,500 inspectors globally and continues to host more than 50 training courses each year.

GUL maintains its own training and certification program that is specific to GUL equipment. The original GUL scheme has transitioned in 2018 to a new scheme, compliant with ISO 9712:2012, that is managed by Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. Training (GULT), a division of Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. GULT fulfils the role of a certification and qualification body. GULT may also perform training as an authorised training organisation provided that impartiality is maintained, in accordance with ISO 17024:2012. Success in the qualification examinations leads to the award of GULT certification covering Guided Wave Testing using GUL equipment only.

GULT holds a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, accredited by a UKAS authorised organisation. All levels of the GUL Training Division use the system to support and facilitate continuous improvement.


The current GULT Qualification and Certification scheme was developed to replace the previous GUL training scheme. The possibility of transition of certified individuals from GUL to GULT certification is covered in the document GULT Transitional Arrangements.