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Larger scale Screening of pipelines with the innovative dual capability gPIMS® Corrosion Monitoring System – Guided Wave Permanently Installed Monitoring Sensors.

Multi-point measurements
Track remaining pipe wall thickness circumferentially.
Cloud Connected
Collect, upload, analyse and securely store gPIMS® information on our high performance cloud servers with future big-data analysis capabilities.
Real Time Capability
gPIMS® has the ability to monitor your pipe wall loss in real time for critical pipes.


Monitoring for optimisation of decisions


Monitoring for operation with confidence


Monitoring for minimisation of risk

Inspection Systems

Complete systems for screening and scanning

Support Services

Training, software updates, auditing

Monitoring Systems and Services

Permanently installed hardware, cloud-based software

what’s new

ASNT Director at Large

Our CEO, Dr. David Alleyne has been elected as one of the five new ASNT Directors at Large.


DGZfP 2024

6 – 8 May, 2024 ¦ Osnabrück, Germany ¦

Upcoming Courses

L1: P Open Course – London – 2024 May 13th to 17th

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