GUL is very proud of the robustness and reliability of the equipment that we produce. We continually feed repair information back into the design process to try to further reduce the number of required repairs both in new revisions of existing equipment and new designs.

Before returning any equipment that needs to be repaired, serviced, or calibrated, please complete a Repair Request Submission Form and e-mail the completed form and tracking information to, in order to assist the equipment in clearing customs.

Based on any errors reported on the form, we may ask you to run a few extra investigations, to send in some example files, or to send some additional equipment that could also be contributing to the fault. Please follow the recommendations on the form regarding shipping addresses and notes that should be included in the commercial invoice/delivery note. For example, it is important that the documentation clearly states that the equipment is being sent for repair and/or calibration and will be returned to the owner (in order to ensure that the shipment is classed correctly when clearing customs).

After investigation of the equipment, we will normally provide a quotation for the repair and ask for a PO (and in some cases payment) before proceeding with the repair. We seek to repair all items within two weeks of receiving them in our office. However, this may be extended if we do not have all of the required parts on hand, there are a lot of items to be repaired, it is a holiday week in the UK, or there are delays in getting approval for the repair.

Most of our equipment is supplied with a one year warranty. It is possible to purchase an extended warranty for some sorts of equipment (for example the electronics). Please note that the warranty only allows for normal wear and tear of the equipment; it does not cover misuse of the equipment such as large drops or immersion in water.

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