Scanning Systems

GUL’s proprietary QSR® Scanning Technology is specifically designed to quantitatively measure the remaining wall thickness profiles of corroded areas under pipe supports – not easily accessible or hidden from direct access.  We offer two different scanning devices for this purpose

  • QSR1® scans pipelines in the axial direction using circumferential guided waves;
  • Axial QSR® scans pipelines circumferentially using axial guided waves.

The devices complement each other by scanning and measuring defective areas in circumferential and axial directions.

QSR1 scanning to size corrosion at a pipe support

Quantitative measurements that are accurate and reliable

The QSR system utilises GUL’s patented quantitative short range technology for corrosion sizing applications.

The defect measurement capabilities of the QSR1® and Axial QSR® are complimentary. For simple supports where defects are typically extended axially and access to the top of the pipe is unrestricted the QSR1® provides a well proven method of measurement where both transmission through and reflection from areas of wall loss are used to provide reliable and accurate wall measurements.

Axial QSR® is able to provide wall measurement from areas QSR1® is unable to access for reasons such as pipe diameter and constraints to access. Our sales experts will be happy to advise you for the specifics of your application.

Case Studies

Check out a selection of case studies that demonstrates the successful applications of the QSR system.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Scanning FAQ page addresses most of the common questions we get about the QSR system.

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