QSR System

GUL’s proprietary QSR® Scanning Technology, is specifically designed to quantitatively measure the remaining wall thickness profiles of corroded areas under pipe supports – not easily accessible or hidden from direct access. 

The QSR1® will cover

  • simple supports;
  • diameter 6-24”;
  • horizontal pipe;
  • wall thickness 6-13mm;
  • coating thickness up to 1mm;

and your QSR®-trained operator can take advantage of ML Analysis to generate reports with even greater speed and accuracy.

The Axial QSR1® an be used for an even wider range of applications

  • all of the above with improved accuracy when defects are short axially but extended around circumference;
  • diameter range 4” – unlimited (certain sizes may require manual scan);
  • vertical or horizontal pipes;
  • wall thickness range 6-15mm;
  • clamped support;
  • embedded pipe sections such as wall and deck penetrations and behind guides where defects can be between 5 and 50 cm away from the sensor.

Both scanners, QSR1® and Axial QSR1®, are controlled from the laptop-based software WaveProQSR. The operator chooses various scanning parameters such as the number of steps, data averaging, and configuration of the EMAT transducers.

WaveProQSR receives data from the scanners and displays the results in real time, providing accurate feedback to the operator. After completing the scan, WaveProQSR creates a file containing the data that can be viewed or post-processed later.

This cloud-based web app automatically analyzes scanning data using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The algorithms were trained on several millions of data points and represent the state-of-the-art technical capability in this field. Scanning Studio automatically generates report documents in Excel and PDF formats, together with graphs and photographs taken by the NDT inspectors during scanning activities.

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