Axial QSR®

Axial QSR® is the extension of the QSR1® concept to cover those cases when we need to scan the pipe from a different direction than QSR1®. The Axial QSR® scanner is a low-profile device designed to fit snugly into tight spaces near pipe supports and in pipe racks. It moves circumferentially around the pipe, sending waves axially along the pipe.

Axial QSR® also uses EMAT technology to send and receive short-range guided waves and uses patented wide frequency and wavelength technology.

How does it work?

At each of the scanned circumferential position, the Axial QSR® transmitter sensor generates shear horizontal (SH) guided waves, which propagates in the pipe axial direction, and is received by the receiver sensor. The two main measurement results include the average wall thicknesses directly under the sensor, and the minimum remaining wall thicknesses within 5- 50 cm in front of the sensor, denoted by A and D1 respectively. The Axial QSR® data collection and scan configurations, including the total circumferential scan length, is controlled using the WaveProQSR software installed on a Windows computer.

Reliable Scanning


The reliability of our equipment is the product of decades of experience in deploying thousands of advanced guided wave systems in the field.

Accurate Analysis


Our QSR sizing accuracy has been proven by our customers in large oil and gas corporations, as well as third-party technology assessment by joint-industry projects around the world.

Quantitative Results


Our patented frequency-based signal processing method delivers true corrosion sizing accuracy.

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Clamped Support
Earth/Wall Penetrations
Vertical Pipes

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