Monitoring Studio

The Monitoring Studio is a cloud-based data management, analytics and visualization software. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with the gPIMS® system in order to deliver information from the sensors installed on your assets directly to your desk.  We have packaged years of experience into data analytics apps that break down the complexity of guided wave monitoring into information that is straightforward to understand.

Monitoring Studio


Map view and navigation

Easily find individual sensors on a map or navigate to sensor data by selecting individual sites and structures


A key function of the data management service, it is designed to provide a historical record of events for the asset being monitored. Download data files from here, log events or upload reports, images, drawings and any other related information about the asset. You can also get notified each time a data file is uploaded.

Small area monitoring

Shows temperature compensated wall thickness data locally at the sensor position, covering the entire circumference of the pipe. Corrosion rates can be evaluated manually or, for automated systems, calculated automatically.

Large area monitoring

Available for automated systems, it features a trend map for easy identification of changes in large area monitoring data over time. Highlight and log changes that need tracking over time.

System information

Have all the information in one place, including temperature of the pipe at the sensor location, battery status displays. Custom wall thickness and area monitoring thresholds can be defined for each sensor.

Request a login to our Monitoring Studio and try it out yourself.

Service packages

The Monitoring Studio is available in three service packages with increasing functionality:


a pay as you go style package suitable for repeat inspection and scheduled monitoring applications. Pay only for the files you want processed, while taking advantage of free hosting of the data and files you upload in the timeline.


an annual subscription suitable for scheduled monitoring applications or as a cost-effective solution for automated monitoring applications where Large area monitoring analytics is not required.


an annual subscription for automated monitoring applications. Our most powerful package featuring full automation.


Collection type that this package is best suited to




Fee structure/sensor

Per processed file

Annual fee

Annual fee

Data management

Upload of data files1

Storage and back-up


Web-based access to with map view

Timeline view with import and export of meta-data (reports, images, etc.)

Data export into historians

Data analytics and visualization

Data validation

Temperature values

Wall thickness values

Wall thickness manual corrosion rate analysis

Wall thickness automated corrosion rate analysis

Area monitoring manual baseline comparison3

Area monitoring trend map for change detection

Data service support

Access to helpline4

1. Requires local installation of GUL Uploader program included in the software package

2. Via web browser

3. Data analysis carried out in WavePro software, with license delivered via Studio synchronisation

4. Details provided in Studio Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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