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Data Audit

Guided Ultrasonics offers a data audit service to ensure that you are able to get the most out of data collected. This service ensures that data collected meets the standards required and is analysed in accordance with procedures. The service is available to both inspection companies and to end clients. Data audit is an ideal way to help reenforce the lessons from our training courses to make sure that data is both collected and analysed in a consistent manner so that results provide the same outcome regardless of inspector. It can be useful for companies new the technology without the in house expertise to provide inspectors with feedback on the data and reporting and also to companies receiving inspection services to ensure that the reports that are being generated for them meet consistently high standards.

Data review can be purchased for single files or in packages for up to 250 files per year. This can be files from Wavemakers or from QSRs. QSR data can also be uploaded to the QSR studio where it will be analysed using the latest machine learning algorithms.

For more information contact support@guided-ultrasonics.com

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