Screening for cost-effective NDT solution

Guided wave screening is a proven NDT method to understand the pipe integrity rapidly and cost effectively, allowing plant operators to focus on specific areas.

Screening Systems

Guided Wave Testing (GWT) is a standard Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) screening method to inspect pipework in many industrial disciplines, such as oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation. GWT is highly sensitive to most defect types while experiencing low attenuation in most situations, which is ideal for the inspections of a long length of pipework, to identify welds, supports, defects, and other features.  Echoes reflecting from these features can then be used to measure their locations and severities (in the case of a defect).

GWT screening is done by wrapping a removable transduction ring around the circumference of the tube/pipe at the desired location, which can be many metres away from the region of interest.

Design for Usability and Efficiency

The latest transduction ring design, such as the Compact® Rings, is rugged, lightweight and easy to deploy in a site environment, providing superior functionalities to tackle any challenging applications.

Together with the powerful proprietary analysis software, WavePro™, the data can be analysed rapidly on-site, so that any follow-up or complementary inspections can be performed immediately.

For example, corrosion under pipe support (CUPS) can be quickly screened first using the GWT screening tool.   Where defect indications are identified, they can then be followed up using the Scanning System to quantify the defects’ severity precisely.

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