Not everyone is an expert in the problems associated with guided wave inspection, but we are. Although guided wave inspection shares many similarities to other inspection methods such as ultrasonic inspection, the specifics can be very different; applying experience gained in another method can often lead to surprising and disappointing results.

With over 20 years of experience in guided wave inspection and numerous world experts in the field (including 7 PhD’s in guided wave fields), Guided Ultrasonics Limited is well equipped to advise you whether guided wave inspection can help provide an efficient solution to your inspection needs. We can also support your inspection programs or develop specialist custom sensors when required.

Some of the customised contract work that we have done in the past includes:

  • Advising inspection service providers and consumers about the guided wave configurations that are most likely to optimise the quality and value of the results that they can obtain
  • Reviewing guided wave inspection procedures for specific applications
  • Reviewing results from an inspection campaign and advising a company’s inspectors on areas for improvement
  • Auditing guided wave inspection data (typically for an oil major) to validate that the correct procedures were used
  • Develop special edition rings that overcome some sort of particular constraint that prohibits standard rings from being suitable
  • Numerical modelling of reflections from defects for propagation through features
  • Conducting trials on a particular type of pipe coating that has not been experienced previously

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