Inspection for reliability and efficiency

Guided wave Inspection provides a rapid remote assessment of the pipe condition with the qualitative long-range Screening system or a more precise quantitative Scanning system.  Both systems are designed to be extremely robust and mobile for ease of deployment.

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Screening Systems

GUL’s system is the most powerful and reliable long-range guided wave screening equipment in the market.  An efficient solution for many inspection challenges: Regular repeat inspections, in-service inspections, difficult-to-access piping, road crossing, buried pipe, high-temperature piping, and many others.

Agile Design
The Wavemaker® Guided Wave system is lightweight for quick deployment.
Diverse Applications
Typical pipe screening applications includes: CUI, CUP, internal corrosion, weld defects, erosion.
Guided wave screening provides one of the most cost-effective non-destructive solutions to evaluate pipeline integrity.
100% Volumetric Coverage
Screening increases operation productivity and probability of detection (POD).
Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
Patented features such as Absolute Calibration (ABSCAL) lessen the effort and improve quality and confidence in data interpretation.

Scanning Systems


QSR® is the first guided wave system for quantitative pipe wall thickness measurements and corrosion sizing.  This Quantitative Short Range (QSR) method scans short sections of pipe for independent verification and prove-up. The patented analysis technique permits quantitative measurement of the remaining wall of the inspected area without needing to get direct access to it and with minimal surface preparation required.

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