Monitoring for enhanced profitability and compliance

Continuous monitoring of your pipework for corrosion and erosion gives you insight into the impact of your operating decisions on the integrity of that pipework – enabling you to make better-informed decisions that enhance profitability and compliance.

Permanently installed monitoring systems deliver continuous wall thickness data such that

  • metal loss – corrosion/erosion – rates can be determined;
  • the points in time at which these rates change can be correlated with operational changes – e.g. refining feedstock compositions, transmission pipeline ‘slugs’, sand holdup in risers – to contribute to generation of insights into the relationships between operating decisions and asset integrity

Browse our applications for more detail on the value of insights from corrosion/erosion monitoring for Production, Midstream and Refining.

Multi-point measurements
Track remaining pipe wall thickness circumferentially.
Cloud Connected
Collect, upload, analyse and securely store gPIMS® information on our high performance cloud servers with future big-data analysis capabilities.
Real Time Capability
gPIMS® has the ability to monitor your pipe wall loss in real time for critical pipes.
Optimise flowrates, e.g. for varying sand holdup levels
Accept slugs / ‘burps’ of deleterious material – CO2, H2S, other out-of-spec gas
Blend opportunity crudes into slates

GUL’s monitoring systems

  • generate the data using permanently installed transduction rings
  • retrieve this data using any of several wireless backhaul options
  • process the data with analytical software embodying our decades of expertise in guided wave analysis
  • serve up the resulting condition information in our world-leading Monitoring Studio
  • provide for the automated import of condition information to historians, to facilitate correlation of changes on condition with changes in operating conditions

Guided Ultrasonics and our select partners use these systems to deliver monitoring services under long-term service agreements.

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