Wavemaker® system

The Wavemaker® System is comprised of three pieces of highly-portable equipment:

  • A transduction ring where force is applied, either mechanically or pneumatically, to obtain good coupling;
  • A lightweight state-of-the-art electronics unit, the Wavemaker® where the signals are generated and received;
  • The WavePro software that uses an advanced processing algorithm to process the received signals;

Advanced signal processing algorithms, such as the patented Absolute Calibration, ABSCAL, automatically calculate the signal amplitude: they significantly lessen the effort and improve the quality of, and confidence in, data interpretation. The results are presented in a user-friendly GUI, which allows the inspector to report the data.

GUL has a comprehensive training programme for different operator levels targeting specific GW applications. 

The Wavemaker® G4 Mini is capable of working with all of the pipe and tube transduction systems produced by GUL. It is suitable for both the lower frequencies that are used for buried and coated pipes and the higher frequencies that are used with HD rings for support inspection and higher sensitivity to pitting.

With one button press, the instrument can be placed into gPIMS Collector mode to allow a minimally trained operator to collect repeat data from a permanently installed gPIMS sensor during scheduled monitoring.

The instrument contains 16 channels; therefore you will need a pair of channel reducers when joining EFC or HD inflatable rings together to collect data on very large diameter pipes.

Although some specifications are similar to those of the Sonyks system from Eddify Technologies and the Teletest Focus system from Plant Integrity, the Wavemaker system allows for better defect descrimination, better productivity, and more consistent inspector performance.

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