Wavemaker® G4mini

The Wavemaker® G4mini system is designed to quickly inspect 100% of the volume of long lengths of pipelines from one position. The Wavemaker® G4mini offers all of the traditional Wavemaker® features and some new ones in a small (22 x 30 x 13 cm) and lightweight package. The G4mini automatically recognises the sensor and allows the inspector to very quickly configure the test options, ensuring best data quality.

Removable Battery
Boost Function
16 Data Channels
7” LCD Touch Screen
Fast Ethernet Collection
High Speed Data Acquisition
On-Board Diagnostics
Built-In GPS
Extended Frequency Range
Operator Identification
Wireless Option

Base level instrument compatible with the EFC Solid, EFC Inflatable, and Compact® rings; suitable for most common above-ground screening applications.

Extension licenses can be added.


This instrument can be used with all pipe, tube, and monitoring transduction systems produced by Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL).

Supplied with

WaveProTM License
2 x 2.5 m LEMO® Cables
Mains Charger
USB Cable
Soft Bag
Ethernet Cable

Optional extras

  • Laptop with WavePro pre-installed
  • Software modules for ‘Base’
  • Wide range of LEMO® cables
  • EFC Processing Licence
  • In-car charger
  • ABSCAL Software Licence
  • Warranty extension options
  • LAN cable adapter