Claw Transducers

The Claw System is a breakthrough probe development designed for efficient boiler tube inspection, especially in restricted access scenarios. Unlike traditional methods such as conventional UT, the Claw System utilises guided waves to inspect tens of meters of boiler tubes from a single location, providing an unparalleled 100% coverage within the inspection range. Say goodbye to incomplete inspections and embrace our advanced technology for comprehensive and efficient boiler tube inspections. Different transducer spacing options are available.

The Claw transducers suitable for low frequency guided wave inspection of:

  • Boiler Tubes
  • Heater Tubes
  • Furnace Tubes
Tube Applications
High Frequency Operation
Precision Milled Body
Spring Loaded Transducers
Ergonomic Fastening Handles


Number of Channels
Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)
3⁄4” to 2.5” (DN 20 to 65)
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 250°C (-40°F to 482°F)
Radial Clearance
38 mm (1.5”)
Transduction System Compatibility
Wavemaker® G4 (with MF option) & Full (or Licensed) G4mini