Monitoring Services

From installation to insight

Sometimes, monitoring an asset is only required for a relatively short time, but typically it is an extended project that can last over the entire life of the asset. 

Managing the different aspects of this project, which involves the services of different engineering disciplines at various levels of expertise, can be distracting from your actual goal.

In partnership with our service providers, we have all service aspects covered so that you can concentrate on gaining the insights and benefits that our monitoring systems are capable of delivering.

The services include:

  • Commissioning of the system hardware and software
  • Data integration into your historians
  • Data management, analytics and visualization via our Monitoring Studio
  • Data insight and event support

Commissioning service

Our global network of qualified service providers can perform installation of the system hardware. If you are not already in touch with a GUL service provider, please contact us and we can provide a list providers local to you.

Should you have a local provider in mind that is not yet qualified to provide GUL services, we can provide them with the necessary training and support for their first installations.

Please see our quick guide to know more about what the installation of a monitoring system involves. To discuss specific requirements, you can also contact us directly.

Data integration service


As soon as the system is installed it will start producing data. This is the data which we transform into the information that you will eventually use to make decisions about an asset’s integrity or operation. Therefore it is important that there is a reliable means of transferring the data and that the resulting information is delivered to your desk in a format that suits you.

For scheduled monitoring systems, the data collection is done manually by your service provider in pre-defined intervals. Our desktop-based GUL Uploader software can then be used to transfer the data into the cloud-based Monitoring Studio, ensuring data is securely maintained and always available.

For automated monitoring systems, whether they are based on our free cellular connectivity service or integrated into your local network via Wi-Fi, the collected data is transferred seamlessly without manual interaction into the Monitoring Studio for you to visualize.

Data transfer is also possible the other way. The data held in the Monitoring Studio and information derived from it can automatically be transferred back into your local data management systems, for example for integration into your historians. This allows you to view the information in the context of operational information collected by your other systems, which can give important insights.

Please contact us to know more about data integration and how we can tailor the service to your specific IT requirements.

Monitoring Studio

Monitoring Studio service

For inspection and repeat testing, the data volumes are low enough for data management and analysis to be handled manually, but this process needs to be automated for monitoring applications.

This automation happens in our cloud-based Monitoring Studio software, empowered by cutting-edge data analytics which takes advantage of frequent data collection. The cloud-based architecture reduces the risk of data loss and increases accessibility of the information for those making decisions.

Data insight and event support service


Being the final piece in the value chain of our asset integrity solution, we help you translate the information visualized in the Monitoring Studio into actions with our reporting and event support service.

Delivered by leading engineers in the field, we work closely with your corrosion experts and service providers to identify not only corrosion threats but also opportunities for increasing efficiency of the operations that an assets forms part of.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist, please contact us.

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