WaveProQSR Software


The WaveProQSR software controls the real time configuration and collection of data. After collection it validates and helps analyse the data, allowing the user to report the results.

WaveProQSR runs on a Windows® based operating system, and interfaces with the QSR® instrument via USB or Ethernet connection.

The software interfaces with GUL’s cloud-based Machine Leaning platform, in order to further automate the analysis, validation, and reporting functions. This tool increases consistency and reduces the time required to train new inspectors.

Windows® 7 to 11
Multiple Connection Interface Options
Automated Configuration
Rapid Data Processing
Reporting & Exporting Functions
Reporting & Exporting Functions
Routine Software Updates
Advanced Data Quality Checks
User Friendly

Automated Configuration

The WaveProQSRTM routines automatically optimise the instrument configuration for the detected pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness, and coating. These routines minimize configuration errors and setup time.

As the system scans, the software continuously adapts to collect the optimum data set for each location along the pipe.

Reporting & Exporting

The system records the average wall thickness as well as the minimum wall thickness for each scanned location.

This defect profile forms the base of the report and can also be exported to a spreadsheet for further FFS calculations.