QSR® Axial Sensor


Axial QSR® is the extension of the QSR1® concept to cover those cases when we need to scan the pipe from a different direction than QSR1®. The Axial QSR® scanner is a low-profile device designed to fit snugly into tight spaces near pipe supports and in pipe racks. It moves circumferentially around the pipe, sending waves axially along the pipe as described in the Axial QSR Overview page.

Low Profile
Semi-Automated Scanning

Supplied with

Transport Case
QSR® ePOD Adapter Cable


Nominal Pipe Size
(Manual Scan)
4”, 18” to 36” (DN 100, DN 450 to 900)
Nominal Pipe Size
(Motorized Scan)
6” to 16” (DN 150 to 400)
Pipe Thickness
6 mm to 13 mm (0.236” to 0.512”)
Operating Temperature
-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 160°F)
Clearance (Sensor)
Less than 28 mm (1.1”)
Clearance (Traction Unit)
Less than 85 mm (3.4”)