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Pits Under Sludge

Deposits, such as sludge, can often be found in sporadic positions along pipelines. These deposits can result in accelerated localised corrosion promoted by different mechanisms, such as microbiologically-influenced corrosion (MIC). The pits created by such localized attack, as well as

Internal Corrosion

The GUL Wavemaker® utilises guided wave modes that energise the entire volume of the pipe. Therefore it is an ideal non destructive testing method for the detection of random internal corrosion, especially when certain sections of the pipe are inaccessible.

Erosion on Elbows

Elbows are common pipe fittings which are susceptible to corrosion and erosion. Using the Unrolled Pipe display, defects at elbows can be detected and prioritised.

Caisson Inspection

Results of a feasibility trial show that Guided Wave Testing is an efficient and effective tool to monitor offshore platform caissons, enabling the classification of problem areas before they become failures.

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