Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) is the world leader in the development and manufacture of guided wave inspection equipment and training.

GUL’s Wavemaker Pipe Screening System sets the standard for guided wave testing and is now specifically named in many end-user guided wave inspection procedures.

The system uses low frequency guided ultrasonic waves to inspect tens of meters of pipe from a single remote location. The ability of this system to send waves along the length of the pipe means that very difficult to inspect areas, such as road crossings, can be interrogated from a remote and easily accessible location. The inspection can usually be performed while the pipe is in service.

The latest version of this equipment, the Wavemaker G4, includes a number of significant advances over earlier guided wave inspection systems. These include dynamic frequency animation, Enhanced Focusing Capability, GPS capability and improved signal amplitude calibration.

GUL does not provide an inspection service; however, we are frequently on site supporting and training users of our equipment, who are based on six continents. GUL tightly regulates its training scheme, which is required for all users of GUL equipment.

GUL is an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) that focuses on research and development. We concentrate on developing the premier guided wave equipment and providing excellent training and customer support for it.

ASNT exhibition in Charleston

Picture of Dr Vogt and Mr Ben Nooteboom on the GUL booth at the aSNT fall exhibition discussing the G4mini with a visitor to the booth. The conference was a success and the ground breaking Wavemaker G4mini was well received. Other new technologies from GUL were presented at the exhibition. Dr David Alleyne of GUL Continue Reading