GUL Services

GUL is extremely proud of the service that we are able to provide to clients who are using our equipment.  Our after sales service helps enable inspection providers to maximise the value of the results that they are able to achieve from their guided wave inspection equipment.  Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Upgrades of software to take advantage of the newest developments (software and firmware upgrades are currently provided free of charge to all registered owners of Wavemaker instruments)
  • A full training program to teach inspectors how to get the most out of the equipment (please see the training section of the website)
  • Auditing of inspection data to give more confidence and on-site training to newly qualified inspectors
  • Rental of equipment to existing clients, so they can inspect unusual sizes or meet peaks in demand
  • A repair, spares, and calibration service to ensure that equipment continues to perform to its maximum.
  • Consultancy and advice on special applications that draws from our years of assisting inspectors with their site work.  Special development projects are able to capitalise on the experience of our seven PhDs in guided wave inspection.