Wavemaker® G4

The Wavemaker® G4 represents GUL’s full-size platform for collecting guided wave inspection data. It contains 32 transducer channels for interfacing to all of GUL’s transduction systems without needing adaptor cables. It also contains a range of peripherals to ensure quality guided wave data is collected quickly and efficiently; these include automatic transducer detection and diagnostics, an operator identification method, and a built-in GPS.

In addition to the ‘low’ frequencies used for standard pipe inspection, the G4 can be fitted with a ‘medium’ frequency sampling board to collect quality data from small diameter pipes or under supports (applications targeted by the HD series of rings). The instrument contains a dedicated diagnostics connection and the ability to support an advanced reflection amplitude calibration routine. In addition to the USB connection, the G4 features a wired LAN connection and a Wireless (WiFi) connection to a controlling computer. The instrument can also be controlled via its 7" colour touch screen.

Users that only need 16 channels may also want to consider the G4 Mini Full instrument that is functionally equivalent to the Wavemaker® G4 (LF+MF), but with fewer channels and in a smaller, lighter, package.

Available Versions:



Supplied With:

Icon - WavePro

WavePro Licence

Icon - 2x2m Lemo

2 x 2m Lemo Cables

Icon - USB

USB Cable

Icon - Plug

Mains Charger

Icon - Bag

Soft Bag

Icon - Ethernet

Ethernet Cable


  • MF Sampling Board
  • Laptop computer with pre-installed WavePro™
  • Wide range of LEMO cables
  • EFC Processing Licence
  • Absolute Calibration Software
  • In-car (12V) charger
  • Warranty Extension Options