HT Inflatable Rings

High Temperature (HT) Inflatable Rings and modules have EFC performance with the added capability of testing pipes operating at up to 350°C, provided that the ring is removed from the pipe within 15 minutes of being applied.

In order to carry out the guided wave inspection, only a 50-cm (20-inch) wide strip of insulation needs to be removed. No couplant is required.

Pneumatic Loading
Ring Joining
High Temperature Operation
Smart Sensors
Screw-Lock Latch

2-row adjustable transducer modules with two different spacings to inspect across a wide band of frequency range. Key application areas include:

• Bare / Painted Pipes
• Sleeved / Unsleeved Road Crossing Pipes
• Buried Pipes
High Temperature Pipes

Adjustable Transducer

The 2-row adjustable transducer modules with four transducer spacings described in the EFC Inflatable Rings page can also be mounted in the HT Inflatable Rings if the full temperature range is not required.


Number of Channels
Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)
6” to 36” (DN 150 to 900)
Operating Temperature (HT Model)
-40°C to 350°C (-40°F to 662°F)
Operating Temperature (Adjustable Model)
-40°C to 150°C (-40°F to 302°F)
Radial Clearance
63 mm (2.5”)
Transduction System Compatibility
Wavemaker® G4 & G4mini