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Case studies demonstrating the application of guided wave to specific application areas

Erosion on Elbows

Case Study 16: Erosion on Elbows Elbows are common pipe fittings which are susceptible to corrosion and erosion. Using the Unrolled Pipe display, defects at elbows can be detected and prioritised. Case Study (pdf in English)
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Rail Level Crossings

Case Study 17: Guided Wave Inspection of Rail Level Crossings Guided Wave Testing (GWT) using G-Scan offers a solution for testing rail sections through a level crossing in a cost-effective way without lifting the roadway or disturbing the road or rail traffic movements. Case Study (pdf in English)
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Case Study 18: Guided Wave Inspection of Caissons Results of a feasibility trial show that Guided Wave Testing is an efficient and effective tool to monitor offshore platform caissons, enabling the classification of problem areas before they become failures. Case Study (pdf in English)
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Lamp Posts

Case Study 19: Guided Wave Inspection of Lamp Posts Guided Wave Testing (GWT) offers a quick cost effective Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solution for the inspection of lamp posts and street columns at regular intervals, improving repair and servicing priorities for decision making. Case Study (pdf in English)
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