Appreciation Course

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. Training (GULT) offers a one-day introductory level course: Appreciation Course for Pipeline Inspection using Guided Waves. This day of training aims to provide an introduction to the guided wave testing (GWT) method and to the screening of pipes using the GUL Wavemaker® system.

The target audience for this course is inspection managers and associated staff members who wish to understand the fundamental concepts, strengths, limitations and commercial benefits of GWT. Only basic GWT theory is presented with no mathematical content.

The course will be presented by a field-experienced Level 2 or Level 3 GWT inspector. GUL staff typically have more than 10 years of experience in the GWT and NDT fields and will be free to answer questions during the course.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.
  • Guided Wave Testing Basics
  • Guided Wave Monitoring
  • Guided Wave Inspection Savings
  • GUL Training and Support
  • Guided Wave Testing Case Studies
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