Tomasz Piałucha, PhD


Dr Tomasz Pialucha

Tomasz is an Executive Director of GUL who holds a Master and PhD in Mechanical Engineering, both from Imperial College London. His research at Imperial was related to the theoretical and experimental study of ultrasonic methods for testing adhesive joints. He was awarded SERC Fellowship for scientific achievements.

Subsequent to this research Tomasz enjoyed a highly successful career in the City of London spanning over 25 years trading Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, Credit, derivative and structured products for some of the major global investment banks.

In 2013, he joined GUL to focus on R&D, since when he has authored patents relating to the new quantitative short range guided wave technique and manufacture of the QSR1 system. Tomasz is involved with all aspects of the products and services within the company. His current area of responsibility is for research and development and he supervises a PhD student at Imperial College.

His hobbies are wide ranging, but he particularly enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling and kayaking.

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