Subsea gPIMS Deployed

Guided Wave Monitoring at depths in excess of 800m

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd, along with SIG (a Genesis, TechnipFMC group company) have recently deployed a Subsea gPIMS® unit on a new gas line that will be laid at a depth of 880m in the Mediterranean, offshore Egypt.

The connections for the gPIMS are currently protected under removeable shrouds, put in place for S-lay deployment. These will be released in the near future to allow the connections to be mounted in to a permanent frame for all future ROV interrogations of the sensor.

The final test shot before over-boarding the gPIMS demonstrated that range and sensitivity are both excellent, allowing more than 150m of pipe to be screened with a sensitivity to loss of cross-section of well under 1%.

Subsea gPIMS ready for deployment

Subsea gPIMS® ready for deployment

Subsea gPIMS during pipeline installation - ROV Phot

Subsea gPIMS® during pipeline installation

Subsea gPIMS Connector during pipeline installation - ROV Photo

Subsea gPIMS® Connector during pipeline installation

Subsea gPIMS

Subsea gPIMS® having reached a depth of 874m

Final data collection with the gPIMS pipe spool welded into the line shows clean signals to beyond 75m in each direction.

Subsea gPIMS Results