Guided Ultrasonics Limited maintains a stock of rental equipment that is available for hire to our existing customers who own at least one Wavemaker® instrument and have a qualified inspector available to use the equipment.

This stock of equipment is managed to allow companies to limit the amount of expenditure required on sizes or types of sensors that they only use occasionally. It also allows our clients to handle periods of higher demand. Due to the stock of rental equipment being finite, inevitably it is not always available “on demand”. If when we are contacted the required equipment is available, it can normally be shipped within a day.

All reservations should be in writing by e-mail or fax. Prior to shipping of any rental equipment, we will require confirmation of date required, shipping details and a purchase order.

If you wish to know about day rates for hiring equipment, please see our Rental Equipment Price List. Please read carefully the Rental Term & Conditions.

If you are interested in renting equipment or want to check the stock availability, please send an email with your enquiry to rental@guided‑