Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. All equipment is supplied EX-works, Brentford, London, England.
  2.  VAT will be added at the prevailing rate where appropriate.
  3.  All documentation and software are provided in the English language.
  4.  Unless otherwise agreed rental will commence from the day of shipping to the date of return. Rental will be charged at 50% of the day rate for the recognised courier transit times.
  5.  Standby Rental Rate is 25% of the Daily Rental Charge.
  6.  Unless otherwise agreed with GUL, equipment must be returned to GUL using a recognised door to door express courier service. Failure to do this may result in additional transportation rental charges and back charge of other costs incurred by GUL such as customs clearance and local UK delivery charges.
  7.  The hirer is responsible for any damage/loss at replacement costs.
  8.  Invoices for rental and any other charges will be billed at either the month end or at the end of the hire period. Invoices will be payable within 30 days of the date on the invoice.
  9.  The hirer is expected to return the equipment in a serviceable/clean condition, any abnormal work to clean or repair the equipment will be charged to the hirer.