GUL Training - A Division of Guided Ultrasonic Limited

The GUL Training Scheme that has been run by GUL from 2000 is being replaced by one supervised by GUL Training (GULT), a division of Guided Ultrasonic Limited. The GULT Certification Scheme has been developed to comply with ISO 17024:2012 (Personnel Certification). Furthermore, the training, qualification and certification requirements listed in this document and its Annexes have been written to comply with those stated in ISO 9712:2012. Where no requirements are listed in ISO 9712:2012 for the GWT method, GULT (in consultation with an independent and industry-led Advisory Committee) has defined requirements that are appropriate for the method. The guided wave testing method may be applied to a variety of product sectors (see Annex 1 of the Qualification and Certification Scheme), including (but not limited to), pipes, rails and plates. Additionally, within these product sectors, application sectors have been defined which combine the competency requirements for common industrial applications. This certification scheme is generic to all product and application sectors of GWT using Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) equipment. The referenced application sector specific documents indicate any sector specific information. For further information regarding the GULT Qualification and Certification Scheme, including dates and fees of future courses, please go to our Contact Form and send us all your questions.

GULT Qualification and Certification Scheme