gPIMS® Thickness Monitoring

An innovative gPIMS® product exclusively available from GUL which uniquely combines the accurate measurement of multi‑point thickness measurement with guided wave technology to detect the presence of wall loss in the surrounding pipe. This dual capability gives a much increased confidence that the measured thickness truly represents, or otherwise, a significant length of pipe rather than simply at a single point. gPIMS® with thickness capability are an extremely cost effective monitoring solution, given the enhanced coverage and the simple well‑documented procedure for installation and operation.

GUL’s customers will be happy to know that the thickness capability can be retrospectively implemented on existing gPIMS® installations. GUL’s permanent sensors can also be used for automatic remote monitoring for accurate trending without the need for manual intervention at the measurement point. Processing of the guided wave data would be performed using a highly secure cloud-based application only available through GUL, and the processed results will interface seamlessly to most commonly available maintenance management systems. This service will be further extended over the next 12 months.