WavePro is frequently updated to support new sensors, enhance functionality, fix any issues, and try to make it easier to use; minor releases typically happen bi-weekly with major releases released about once each year. Software updates can be executed or via WavePro software ( see picture on the right ) going to: Help menu and then selecting WavePro updates ,or can be downloaded from the following link:

WavePro Updates

In order to access the updates, you will need the username and password provided during your training. If you need these to be reissued, please email “” requesting the information and quoting the serial number of the Wavemaker® instrument that you are using.

In order to validate the licence for WavePro to start the installation process, the computer will need to have either a licensed Wavemaker® instrument or a dongle for the “Standalone Analysis” version of WavePro connected via USB.

iButton Drivers

A subset of the software drivers for the iButton Reader that is used for the dongle (and for reading inspector iButton IDs) is included in the WavePro installation. The full set of drivers can also be downloaded from the manufacturer, Maxim IC, by clicking on the following link: