NewsQSR1. The first step in quantitative guided wave testing

QSR - Quantitative Short Range Scanning
2018 QSR - OnSite
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What is the QSR1®?

The QSR1® is GUL’s new quantitative short range (QSR) device which incorporates the latest guided wave technology and hardware to quantitatively scan for pipe defects such as for corrosion under pipe supports.

Applications of QSR1®

The QSR1® can provide a quantitative measure of the average wall, as well as the remaining wall thickness down to approximately half of the nominal wall thickness, whilst reporting any areas with less than half nominal wall. The current unit is designed to fit on pipe diameters from NPS 10 up to 16 inch.

How does it work?

Equipped with electromagnetic transducers and motorised wheels, the QSR1® can be programmed to perform motorised guided wave scanning on predefined sections of straight pipelines. The QSR1® quantitatively scans across the pipe circumference to detect defects such as corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS), erosion, corrosion and mechanical damage to the pipe.

For more information about the QSR1® and how it can meet your inspection needs, please contact us.