QSR – GW Scanning Revolution

QSR - The revolution of quantitative short range scanning begins.

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd are currently working on an innovative testing system QSR® to quantitatively measure corrosion at supports.

QSR stands for “Quantitative Short Range” scanning.

QSR On Site

QSR® On Site


QSR® - Simple Support

Quantitative Measurement of Corrosion Under Support

QSR® automatically provides a quantitative measure of the average wall thickness, as well as the minimum remaining wall thickness.

QSR® also automatically measures pipe diameter and pipe wall thickness around the pipe circumference from a single location in a fraction of a second.

QSR® - Practical Performance Test

Ex-service 12 inch pipe with the hidden Corrosion Under Pipe Support (CUPS) type defect was scanned by the QSR1® prototype in order to obtain the profile of the area.

QSR - Practical Performance Test

QSR1® - Test Results

The scanned defect was then visually examined and the QSR1® scan was compared with the reference laser scan of the area.

QSR - Practical Performance Test

Very good agreement was achieved between the laser scan of the defected area (red line) and the QSR1® measurements (blue line).

QSR Results

You can download a short presentation of this information here (GUL QSR1 - Dec2016 revised).