Julian Trendall

Eng Julian Trendall

Julian holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from The Institute of Technology Canberra, Australia. In the early years of his career which began in 2000 he provided advanced NDT inspections with methods such as ToFD, Incotest, C-Scan corrosion mapping, Chime and MFL tank floor inspections to clients globally. He has been a GWT inspector since 2002 working closely with GUL in that time at various sites worldwide. He spent 4 years in the USA working on large scale GWT contracts. Since joining GUL in 2014 he has gained his level 3 in GWT.

Julian is a training and support engineer who is involved with data auditing and global training with GUL.

Julian enjoys music, playing his guitar, motorcycles and camping. He has a small hobby farm in Australia that keeps him busy when he’s not working.

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