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Compact Ring

Compact® Rings – Full inspection capacity at a fraction of the size; the new Compact® guided wave transduction system invites you to go further.

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) is proud to launch the latest guided wave transduction system, the Compact®, for pipeline inspections. The versatile design of the Compact® system represents significant improvements over our standard inflatable range transduction system. While building on everything that has gone before in order to maintain the overall superb standard of the GUL guided wave system, the new Compact® system has been completely re-engineered to reduce the weight by 35% and the axial width by 30%. It reduces the radial height clearance to under 38mm. This is an inspection system designed to ensure effortless operation while tackling a wide range of inspection challenges, from refinery pipe racks to restricted access road crossings.


The Compact® features the latest technology in guided wave development, including integrated wiring, a spring-lock closing mechanism and smart sensors, all of which ensure fast data collection and accurate analysis. With integrated wiring as standard, the Compact® eliminates complicated wiring procedures and loose cables in order to achieve operation simplicity. The new spring-lock closing mechanism offers smooth ring attachment in seconds. Externally, the Compact® appears similar to our existing standard inflatable rings, but with the smart sensors that detect temperature, pressure and tilt, the Compact® takes the quality control of guided wave inspection to a whole new level.


With the Compact® system, there are 3 adaptable transducer module options, the EC-30 modules, EC-42 modules and the EC-Trio modules. Each includes the latest Micro USB technology which has an incredible mating cycle rating and durability to ensure long term reliability. The user experience of these modules is further enhanced by the built-in retaining pins, making the transducer attachment simpler and faster than ever before. Swapping modules on an 8” Compact® can now be easily done under 2 minutes. The EC-30/EC-42 modules offer an intuitive solution to a majority of the above ground pipeline inspections; while the EC-Trio modules employ three transducers to excite guided wave signals over an ultra-wide band of frequencies without the need to manually change the transducer spacing. This wide band operation is especially beneficial when testing interfaces and supports, quickly giving inspectors more confidence in their results. Thanks to the integrated sensing chip in each module, the optimal collection protocol is automatically and intelligently chosen every time.



The Compact® system is fully compatible with the well-established Wavemaker® G4 and Wavemaker® G4mini instruments and the WavePro software which offers an extended range of diagnostic and analysis tools, including the C-scan display and the absolute calibration tool. With these new advances, the Compact® is destined to take guided wave inspections further than ever before.

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