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Post Conference Seminars

Saturday May 20
New Advances in Ultrasonic Inspection Technologies

8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Guided Wave Testing and Monitoring Over Long and Short Ranges
David Alleyne, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.

The latest innovation is the QSR (Quantitative Short Range) testing system, which quantitatively measures the maximum depth as the tool travels along the pipe axially. Therefore the profile of corrosion is automatically measured and displayed. This capability allows the profile of corrosion under supports to be scanned and mapped. The device is capable of measuring the depth of corrosion up to half of the pipe wall thickness.  The technology is based on the use of multiple circumferential guided waves. In order to achieve high portability, the QSR scanner generates and receives guided wave by means of EMAT transducers which do not require any physical contact with the object under test.

The course will cover

  • how guided waves are used
  • dispersion curves and mode shapes and their sensitivity to different defects
  • description of excitation and reception of the different modes that are used in both long range and short range testing corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS) will be used to demonstrate practical applicability of the theory and the science of these propagating stress waves

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