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Guide Wave Testing: safe, efficient, cost-effective

– London, 23 November 2016 –

In the recent article “Back to basics* by Russell McCulley, Guided Wave Technology was mentioned by Fawaz Bitar – BP Head of Global Upstream Operations – as part of current technology that can help the O&G industry to “… bring down costs without compromising safety. …”.

“…There’s technology that exists today that I feel as an industry we should embrace more. At BP this is something we’re focusing on — technologies that have existed for years, but we haven’t grabbed onto and got the most out of. For example, guided wave technology, which is basically using ultrasonic waves to inspect pipeline. We applied this technology in Alaska in onshore operations to inspect difficult to access areas such as under-river crossings or under-road crossings.”
The functional model has allowed the company to transfer what it learned from the Alaska inspection, where some 600 sensors were deployed, to facilities in other regions such as the North Sea — “a completely different environment, where we’ve applied it to our risers,” Bitar says. The technology means fewer inspectors on ropes. “We’re taking people out of harm’s way, and I think we have more reliable data because it’s continuous sensing and it looks for anomalies. It’s a much more efficient and safer way to inspect these facilities, it saves millions of dollars, and it gives us better data. …”

The founding directors of Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL) were the innovators of Guided Wave Testing (GWT) and monitoring methods. Our commitment to developing state-of-the-art solutions for our customers has given the company the competitive edge necessary to maintain this leadership position. R&D is a continuous focus within the company, employing project results and customer feedback to keep the technology ahead of industry requirements. GUL equipment is designed to provide the best possible data so our clients can truly take advantage of the benefits of the GWT method.

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