gPIMS® (Ex)

In many situations, the cost of accessing a pipe is much higher than the cost of inspection. This access cost can make repeat inspections with removable rings prohibitively expensive. The environmentally robust gPIMS® (EX) range of sensors has been developed to be easily bonded to the pipe, sealed and then left in place. A cable connects the certified gPIMS® (EX) sensor interface which can be located in a convenient, easy to access location.

By performing repeat inspections and comparing the results to previous inspections, operators can monitor for any change in the condition of the pipe. Frequent data collection significantly improves sensitivity and reduces false call rates compared to conventional guided wave testing.

Ex Components:

Ex Sensor

A certified 16‑channel gPIMS® (Ex) sensor en restricted areas where hazardous atmospheres may be present.

EX Interface

A certified gPIMS® (Ex) sensor interface for use with the gPIMS® (Ex), designed to allow collection vía a non‑certified Wavemaker® G4Mini (Fully Loaded), or gPIMS® Mini Collector.

EX Sampling Module

A certified gPIMS® (Ex) Sampling Module is intended for use where hazardous atmospheres maybe present.

Hazardous Area Certifications:

Ex Sensor Ex Interface EX Sampling Module
ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4...T3 Ga II (1) G [Ex ia Ga] IIB II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga
IECEx Ex ia IIB T4...T3 Ga [Ex ia Ga] IIB Ex ia IIB T4 Ga


Ex Sensor Ex Interface Ex Sampling Module
Number of channels 16 16 16
Nominal Pipe Sizes 6" to 24"
Temperature Range -40° to +90°C (-40°F to 194°F) -20° to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F) -40° to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Radial Clearance 25mm (1")
Required Electronics Wavemaker® G4or G4Mini Full,
or gPIMS Mini Collector
Wavemaker® G4or G4Mini Full,
or gPIMS Mini Collector
gPIMS® Field Control Unit