The permanently installed gPIMS sensor rings are often installed in high risk/consequence areas that are difficult to access. The initial installation and pipe inspection is performed by a fully qualified inspector, who is able to classify the results and document the exiting features in the pipe, and set the optimal collection parameters for the inspections. However, once this initial inspection is complete, repeat inspections can simply be performed by plugging the instrument into the sensor’s connection box and triggering the automatic collection sequence (which typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete).

The gPIMS® Mini collector is a dedicated instrument that can be used by operators with minimal training to perform the repeat collections. The data that the instrument collects can be uploaded to a central location where a qualified inspector can access the data, compare it to the previous data (using specially developed comparison software), and efficiently generate the required reports.

The gPIMS Mini collectors are very portable and less expensive than a generic G4 Mini (upon which they are based). They are often used to gather data from gPIMS located in remote locations where the cost of access by a qualified inspector is very high. The operator of the instrument used to collect the data can be someone who is already there performing some other maintenance task.


On board diagnostic channel

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Battery operation

High Speed Data Acquisition

7” LCD Touch Screen

Built-In GPS

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16 Data Channels

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Extended Frequency Range

Supplied With:

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Mains Charger

Lemo Cables

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USB Cable

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Soft Bag+Storm Case


  • Wide range of LEMO cables
  • In-car (12V) charger
  • Warranty Extension Options