Wavemaker® G4 Mini Base

The G4 Mini Base is an entry level Wavemaker® G4mini instrument that has been optimised for cost and is suitable for routine above ground inspection scenarios. It is a good instrument for companies that are new to guided wave testing and have a limited budget.

The G4 Mini Base is compatible with the default 'Solid', 'Compact', 'EFC', and 'High Temperature' rings that are normally used for screening both insulated and uninsulated above ground pipes to detect areas of corrosion.

Please note that the base configuration does not support collections from (permanently installed) gPIMS sensors, the low-frequency settings of wide frequency modules, or high-frequency HD modules. In addition, the maximum sampling range limited to 20m (on either side of the ring). Expansion packages that can add support for these items are available; alternatively, advanced users may want to consider the G4 Mini Full as it comes with all of the expansion packages loaded from the beginning (for the additional cost of approximately two expansion packages).

Supplied With:

Icon - WavePro

WavePro Licence

Icon - 2x2m Lemo

2 x 2m Lemo Cables

Icon - USB

USB Cable

Icon - Plug

Mains Charger

Icon - Bag

Soft Bag


  • Laptop computer with pre-installed WaveProTM
  • Software modules for G4mini Base.
  • Wide range of LEMO cables
  • EFC Processing Licence
  • In-car charger
  • Warranty Extension Options


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