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First QSR Introductory Course - Equipment Course
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First QSR Introductory CourseFrom left to right: C. Parker / Oceaneering; D. Keck / KCS Enterprises; S. Butler / IRISNDT; R. Sabet‑Sharghi / HSI; A. Parker / Oceaneering; D. Schumann / TeamQualSpec; M. Rutherford / IRISNDT

First QSR® Introductory Course

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd (GUL) will launch their newest product – the QSR® system – in early 2018. The QSR® is a new and exciting technology to perform quantitative short-range measurements of wall thickness. This is a very important capability for many industrial NDT applications, for example corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS). The system will also have the capability, in the near future, to perform wall thickness measurements under corrosion scabs, at repairs, and other locations that cannot be directly accessed economically. The industry demand for a technology with QSR’s capabilities was recognised thanks to feedback from customers and end-clients. Therefore, a small group of these clients, including HSI, IRISNDT, Oceaneering, Team, and KCS Enterprises were invited to attend GUL’s laboratory and training facilities in Brentford, London from 11th to 14th of September, 2017. It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce the successful completion of the first QSR® training course. The training course was given by the development team members led by Dr Brian Pavlakovic and Dr Tomasz Piałucha, with topics covered including the theoretical basis of the innovation. The course is designed for guided wave testing professionals, typically with more than 10 years’ experience within the GUL training scheme. All the candidates were successful on the course and their feedback will be used to enhance and improve future QSR® application specific training.

All of the course candidates provided their feedback on the course, with one typical example expressing the following points:

“The QSR introduction and training comprised a well thought out combination of classroom and hands on laboratory testing modules. The instructors were clearly very well versed in the theory behind the operation of the unit and were able to convey that information in a clear manner to all attendees. Moreover, the instructors also made note of any and all trainee feedback on unit performance and control software layout and functionality, thus enabling the introduction of any necessary updates in real-time during the course of the sessions. The testing element of the course provided all trainees with the unique opportunity to see first‑hand how changing anomaly characteristics impacted the resulting data signature. Overall, a very informative and well‑rounded course.”

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd is the market leader for guided wave testing technology and associated services. The company leads the way for development of innovative technology solutions that use guided waves for industrial NDT and monitoring applications. The new QSR® system complements their existing products by providing a means of measuring wall thickness where direct access is unavailable.