These transducer rings are designed to provide effective inspection capability, particularly for larger diameter pipes.

Pneumatic pressure is used to press transducer modules (which are mounted onto this ring) against the pipe wall. These modules are fully interchangeable between inflatable collars of all sizes. Both standard modules and adjustable modules (that allow low-frequency operation) are available.

For sizes greater than 24-inch diameter, two smaller inflatable type rings can be linked together as detailed in a specific procedure for joining rings.

Non‑standard sizes (up to 60 inches) and 8 channel (non‑EFC configuration) rings can be produced to special order.

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Pneumatic Loading

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Universal Support

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Ring Joining

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Interchangeable Transducer Modules

Available Transducers Modules:

STD Module

Two row transducer modules with a single fixed spacing for mid frequency inspection. Key application areas include:

  • Bare / Painted Pipes
  • Sleeved / Unsleeved Road Crossing Pipes

Two row adjustable transducer modules with four transducer spacing to inspect across a wide band of frequency range (including those covered by the Standard modules). Key application areas are the same as the ones listed for Standard modules but also include:

  • Buried Pipes
  • Coated Pipes


Number of Channels 16
Nominal Pipe Sizes 6″ to 36″ (DN 150 to 900)
Operating Temperature -40° to +150°C (300°F)
Radial Clearance 63mm (2.5″)
Compatability Wavemaker® G3, G4 and G4Mini


  • Larger pipe sizes (up to 60 inch)
  • Smaller pipe sizes (down to 5 inch)
  • Non-EFC, 8 channel versions

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