Ben Nooteboom

NDT.S. Ben Nooteboom

Ben has forty years of NDT industry experience, extending from when he started in the Australian Airforce as a technician, then working his way to be a specialist in many aspects of aircraft inspection. He developed into a trainer and supervisor while in the Airforce, before joining an NDT service and inspection company in 1999, that predominantly worked in the mining and oil and gas sectors. From 1999 his specialities where UT techniques such as TOFD and PA, he also worked with early PEC tools and other emerging UT techniques. In 2003 he was trained on the Wavemaker SE16 system, while working for an international inspection company. Ben achieved his GUL GWT L2 in 2006 and this was augmented in recent years by API and ASNT L3 qualifications; he also now holds a GULT GWT L3.

Ben has a unique aptitude for training and mentoring inspection engineers and has excelled as a GULT trainer since 2008. He has taught approaching 1000 guided wave students over this period with an exceptional success and approval rating. Ben is highly knowledge of GUL technologies and products and takes pride in doing the best job possible in the support of GUL’s mission to improve the competency and expertise of guided wave inspectors.

He has a keen interest in motor bikes, cars and fishing and a passion for his family and grandchildren.

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