ASNT NATL Section Meeting

February 21st, 2018

Thank you for attending the ASNT NATL Section Meeting...

A very engaging event took place yesterday in our offices: the ASNT North Atlantic Section Meeting.

The participation of the ASNT President - Mr David Mandina - during the section business part of the agenda was very informative, encouraging everyone to continue contributing and expanding on the work done by the NATL section.

The section’s Chairman, Michelle Clapham, and Vice Chair, Jason Taylor, updated everyone on the events planned for this year, especially with the NATL’s 25th anniversary coming up shortly.

During the day, our CEO David Alleyne introduced GUL and its products to the group, followed by a couple of short practical demonstrations of the latest developments - Compact® & QSR® - given by our experts which were well received.

ASNT NATL is very keen to expand its membership. For more information please visit the section's website.

ASNT NATL Section Meeting - Feb 20, 2018

ASNT North Atlantic Section - 2018 February Meeting

ASNT NATL Section Meeting - Feb 20, 2018 - GUL Presentation

A presentation on GUL's latest developments

ASNT NATL Section Meeting - Feb 20, 2018 - QSR Demo

Demonstration of the new guided wave quantitative scanning tool: the QSR1®

ASNT NATL Section Meeting - Feb 20, 2018 - Compact Demo

Demonstration of the latest ring development: Compact®