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2018-September QSR® Open Course
2018-September QSR® Open Course

September 17th, 2018

First QSR® L1 & L2 Open Course held in Houston, Texas

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd training division – GULT – held its first QSR® L1 and L2 Open Course, from Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th of September, in Houston Texas. This combined L1 and L2 course was specifically designed for inspectors with extensive Guided Wave Testing (GWT) experience and a minimum qualification requirement of L2:XB (Level 2 Road Crossings & Buried Pipe). The course attendees comprised a group of highly qualified GULT Certified Professionals, with over 63 years of combined GWT site experience. GULT would like to thank Victor Garcia of TÜV, and Dave Bajula and Clayton Mann of Acuren for providing a number of excellent pipe samples for the duration of the training course. The training lectures were given by Dr David Alleyne, with practical assistance from Dr Jimmy Fong and Dr Eli Leinov of GUL, and Mr Alan (Chris) Parker of Oceaneering.

A thorough background of the properties of the different types of guided waves that can be contained within the structural boundaries of both plates and pipes were described in detail with reference to the dispersion curves and their mode properties. This included results from modelling the propagation of these waves in plates or plate like structures, with comprehensive explanations of velocity dispersion and other complex properties such as mode shapes, group and phase velocity, attenuation causes, and transduction characteristics and challenges. Instruction was given on the difference between guided wave screening and quantitative short‑range scanning using guided waves, and on how this innovation differs from all current methods for detection of CUPS (Corrosion Under Pipe Supports). More than 50% of the class time was dedicated to hands‑on sessions where the engineers were encouraged to test the sample pipes so they could obtain results to enhance their understanding of the theoretical basis on which the QSR® System is founded.

The course feedback from the engineers was unanimously positive, with all of them stating they had gained knowledge they will need for the provision of reliable and accurate services to their end clients. GULT would like to thank them for their commitment, hard work and valuable feedback of how we can further improve the QSR1® and the training program. We wish them well with the QSR1®.