Upcoming Events2018中国国际管道大会 – Interpipe

JF at Interpipe 2018
Location: Langfang International Convention & Exhibition Center- Langfang , China
Date: 12 – 14 June, 2018
Session: Wednesday, June 13 – 14:30

Dr Jimmy Fong, one of GUL’s guided wave experts, will be attending the Interpipe 2018 Exhibition & Conference. Dr Fong will be giving a talk on “Guided Wave Monitoring” on Wednesday, June 13th at 2:30pm as part of the Pipeline Summit. This will be an opportunity to learn about GUL state‑of‑art Guided Wave Monitoring Technology, which is currently one of the best solutions for Pipeline & Piping Corrosion Monitoring.

For more information about this event, please visit here.